How Hydrotherapy Benefits Elderly Stroke Survivors

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Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Elderly Stroke Survivors in Anchorage, Alaska

After a stroke, seniors often have difficulty regaining their mobility and balance. Hydrotherapy is one of the most effective ways for seniors to increase their strength, as it provides a low-impact exercise environment. Learn more about the benefits of hydrotherapy for senior stroke survivors.

What Is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy comes in many forms. At its most basic level, it is the use of warm water to treat musculoskeletal health conditions. The therapy involves a wide range of exercises and equipment, and some hydrotherapy centers are even equipped with underwater treadmills. People can simply take a walk in the pool or perform standard exercises like squats and lunges. This treatment is commonly used to rehabilitate people who have experienced arthritis, back pain, head injuries, and strokes.

Stroke is a serious medical condition that can adversely affect your loved one’s health, wellbeing, and overall quality of life. If your elderly loved one is living with a serious medical condition and needs help managing the tasks of daily living, reach out to Home Care Assistance, an Anchorage home care company you can trust. Our caregivers are available 24/7, there are no hidden fees in our contracts, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our in-home care services. 

Helps with Rehabilitation

Hydrotherapy is a popular choice for older people in need of rehabilitation because the water provides them with added buoyancy and allows them to exercise harder and longer. Moves seniors can’t perform on land can easily be performed in the water, which allows seniors to get the benefits of these exercises without exerting themselves.

Aqua or hydrotherapy sessions are usually conducted in warm water pools to boost circulation and minimize swelling. Hydrotherapy is ideal for seniors who are recovering from strokes because it provides them with gentle cardiovascular exercise without overexerting them during the recovery period.

Offers Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure, which is the pressure exerted on a person’s body when submerged in a body of water, is one of the main reasons hydrotherapy is so effective. When stroke survivors are submerged in the water, buoyancy allows them to feel much lighter. The water can counteract as much as 90 percent of a senior’s total body weight.

Hydrostatic pressure makes the body work harder, which helps seniors put in more effort and get faster results. Another benefit of hydrostatic pressure is that it can boost cardiovascular health.

Caring for a senior stroke survivor and helping him or her with hydrotherapy can be a challenging task. Families who find it difficult to care for their aging loved ones without assistance can benefit greatly from professional respite care. Anchorage, Alaska, family caregivers who need a break from their caregiving duties can turn to Home Care Assistance. Using our proprietary Balanced Care Method, our respite caregivers can encourage your loved one to eat well, exercise regularly, get plenty of mental and social stimulation, and focus on other lifestyle factors that promote longevity.  

Provides a Revitalizing Experience

When stroke survivors get out of a pool, they don’t feel tired or worn down. Many land exercise regimens can impact their recovery processes. Hydrotherapy, on the other hand, can be a revitalizing force. Seniors often leave the pool feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to continue their recovery.

Boosts Strength and Mobility

There are many types of hydrotherapy exercises, and they can be used to heal injured knees and minimize muscle spasms. Seniors who are recovering from strokes should work on boosting muscle tone, increasing balance, and regaining mobility. In the early days of the recovery process, seniors may simply want to enjoy the healing effects of warm water. As they become stronger, they can perform more strenuous activities, from power walking around the pool to performing traditional aerobic exercises.

Recovering from a stroke, managing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, and a variety of other health-related situations can make it difficult for a senior to continue living at home without someone there to help. Anchorage, Alaska, live-in home care professionals are trained to help seniors who need 24/7 assistance. With the help of a live-in caregiver, your elderly loved one can maintain a higher quality of life while aging in place. To hire a dedicated caregiver for your loved one, call Home Care Assistance at (907) 770-0907 today.


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