Specialty Alzheimer’s Home Care in Anchorage

With Alzheimer’s disease, there comes a point when a family caregiver simply cannot provide the care necessary to their senior loved one. When you seek additional help from Home Care Assistance of Anchorage, you’re choosing highly trained Alzheimer’s caregivers, flexible care plans, and, most importantly, peace of mind. You can feel at ease knowing the expert care we provide will ensure your loved one’s safety, health, and happiness in the comfort of their own home.

Alzheimer’s Caregivers Help Seniors Overcome New Challenges

Over time, seniors with Alzheimer’s will struggle more and more with memory, cognitive processes, and physical functions. Symptoms can include impaired judgment, trouble understanding language, and confusion, and can make completing day-to-day activities especially challenging. Our dedicated Alzheimer’s caregivers are trained to provide emotional support and stability to clients, in addition to assisting with all the tasks that become challenging as Alzheimer’s progresses, including:

  • Bathing, grooming, and incontinence
  • Grocery shopping, meal preparation, and cooking
  • Running errands and providing transportation to and from appointments
  • Mobility support and assistance
  • Help with housework like doing dishes and laundry

Your Loved One’s Wellbeing is Our Number One Priority

With in-home Alzheimer’s care from Anchorage Home Care Assistance, seniors are able to continue on with their daily routine in an environment that’s familiar to them. This helps decrease stress, anxiety, and wandering that can result from moving into an unfamiliar facility. With the added benefit of a regular caregiver, seniors with Alzheimer’s can look forward to consistent care, depend on support and companionship, and feel safe when performing their daily activities.

Call a friendly Care Manager today at (907) 770-0907 to learn more about our flexible Alzheimer’s care plans and unique Cognitive Therapeutics Method, which has been proven to promote brain health and cognitive vitality for seniors and older adults. At Home Care Assistance of Anchorage, AK, we never require long-term contracts, and are available to you 24/7.