4 Films from 2015 for an Elderly Population

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Movies that Elders can Enjoy.

While sometimes it can be difficult to find movies that your senior loved one will like, this summer, Hollywood has a handful of new films that every demographic will love. Give your elderly loved one a reason to head to his or her local cinema with this list of new movie releases. Presented by a leading provider of senior home care, Anchorage families count on, here is a list of current films that will appeal to an elderly audience.

1. Love and Mercy
Love and Mercy is a biographical film about Brian Wilson, the front man of the popular 60s band, The Beach Boys. This film delves into Wilson’s struggles with creativity and mental psychosis as the band evolves into a worldwide force. Getting a more complex look at Wilson’s heyday as a musician may appeal to your loved one, particularly if he or she was a fan of the group. While Love and Mercy does spend time exploring mental illness, the film also has uplifting moments where it delves into Wilson’s experiences with, as the title suggests, love and mercy. Whether your loved one likes history, romance, or music, this film offers something interesting for everyone.

2. 5 Flights Up
If your loved one is interested in films that offer insight into senior living, 5 Flights Up may appeal to him or her. Starring veteran actors Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton, this movie explores the story of an elderly couple who is moving from their fifth floor apartment that they have shared for forty years. When the couple realizes that walking up five flights of stairs has become too difficult, they find that moving is their only option. Though this movie reveals some of the physical challenges of aging, it also offers a heart-warming insight into the life of an interracial couple who has overcome social obstacles in order to spend their lives together in Brooklyn.

3. Good Kill
For seniors who are intrigued by ethical debate, Good Kill, starring Ethan Hawke, may be a interesting movie choice. This thought-provoking film asks moral questions about modern weaponry, wondering if current war technology is just or necessary. If your loved one comes from a military family, this film will give him or her an opportunity to compare what he or she knows from previous wars and weaponry to today’s, and wrestle with ethical questions and ideas. As an added benefit, encouraging your elderly loved one to engage with these types of questions can help promote his or her mental acuity and avoid mental decline.

4. Little Boy
Little Boy, a unique, familial love story, will appeal to seniors with romantic sensibilities. While most Hollywood love stories are formulaic, this film offers a new spin on a love story by following the paternal love between a father and son. Taking place during World War II, the eight-year-old son is upset when his father is deployed, however both the child and the father are determined to be united once again. If your elderly loved one places great importance on family, this film will pull on his or her heartstrings and remind him or her of the importance of familial ties.

For some seniors with Parkinson’s disease or stroke, mobility challenges can make getting to a theater can be difficult. Ensure that your loved one has the physical and transportation assistance he or she for daily tasks, like getting to and from a cinema and navigating the home, by hiring a professional Parkinson’s or stroke caregiver in Anchorage. Reach out to a Care Manager at Home Care Assistance by calling (907) 770-0907 to learn more and to schedule a free in-home consultation.


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