Aging in Place: An Emerging Senior Care Trend

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Aging in Place and Home Care

Most seniors want to continue living in their own home, even after they have begun experiencing notable changes in memory, overall cognitive functioning, and mobility. They value their independence and often fear losing it. While this choice might cause concern among family members, Anchorage Home Care Assistance shares a few things that families can do to support aging adults in their decision to age in place.

Why Aging in Place Might be Best

In many instances, aging in place is the safest and most cost-effective option available to seniors. They do not have to entrust their safety and wellbeing to strangers by moving into live-in care facilities. More importantly, they can continue enjoying the resources they already have. By maintaining a sense of autonomy, seniors don’t have to worry about feeling burdensome to others, which is a common concern among aging adults. When an active and dedicated support team is in place, the risk of illness, injury, loneliness, and depression can also be significantly minimized.

What Family Members Can Do to Help

Family members can express their willingness to support the decision to age in place and can offer help as needed. As time passes, seniors often find that their needs for care or help change. This makes it vital to routinely check in with loved ones to ensure that they are still capable of managing all aspects of their self-care and other basic responsibilities on their own.

Home Modifications

It is also a good idea to learn more about the various home modifications that could be necessary for ensuring senior safety over the long-term. Basic changes include the installation of grab-bars or walk-in tubs in bathing areas, non-slip flooring surfaces throughout the home, raised electric outlets, and lever-handled doorknobs. Stairlifts and other, major modifications could become necessary as mobility declines.

In-Home Assistance and Local Resources

Seniors who have opted to age in place should also be well-informed of all local resources for promoting an optimal life quality. Meal delivery services, transportation assistance, and recreational senior activities are often available for ensuring good nutrition and the ability to maintain a balanced social life. These free and low-cost resources can be supplemented with hourly or live-in home care in Anchorage. Home care professionals can drive their clients to and from social outings and important appointments, prepare meals, assist with housework, and provide companionship as needed.

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